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I like Gypsies, Witches, Fortune Tellers, Astrology, and all that Spiritual Fun.  I believe that every sign can get along, and inside every person is their own Gypsy, Witch, Fortune Teller, Astrologer and Spiritual Person.

  • Ceres = books, runes, cds, tarot cards & crystal balls - motherly instinct

  • Vesta = candles & holders, incenses, incense holders, & oil diffusers - to keep your home front warm

  • Juno = jewelry, statues, tote bags & tapestries - whatever she wants, she gets

  • Pallas = oils, shampoos, & perfumes - to make you feel at home

The reason why I chose Angels of Chiron because Chiron has 4 sisters and he is also the wounded healer and a guardian angel who helps you through tough times.  The asteroids or planets Ceres was discovered on January 1, 1801 by the Italian astronomer Piazzi.  Pallas was discovered on March 28, 1802 by Olbers.  Juno was discovered on December 1, 1804 by K. Harding.  Vesta was discovered on March 29, 1807 by Olbers.  Last but not least Chiron himself was discovered on October 18, 1977 by C.T. Kowal.  

I also accept prepaid cards and money orders from local stores.
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